September 8, 2011

Simple rules from movie:

1. you want to lose weight- stop eating, fatty

2. you want to make money- work your ass off, lazy want to be happy- find someone you like and never let him go

Good luck with that!



August 3, 2011

Earth Water Fire Air

Each one is totally different.

Each has its own power which can do something extra good or extra bad. Each can help, provide, destroy, make your breathing stop of beauty it makes, jump around like a kid, cry like a river and so on.

You can’t live without one of them but sometimes life is hard and you can’t get one.

But the best is if you have the royal combination- all four of them!

And with people it is the same. Some are fire, some water. Some air, some earth. Fire loves air, cause it makes it bigger, happier. But fire doesn’t like water very much, cause it makes fire down. But fire (like sun) can look very special on water when it is evening. Air likes water, cause it can make waves. But probably air doesn’t like earth much, cause underground there is nothing to breathe or go. You are stuck. But as I said- you can’t live without even one of them. You can try, but you won’t be complete. Sometimes you need to be stoped by one. Another day- lifted up by other.

If you know who you are..than be as good you can be. Use your power for good. And remember-there is no impossibilities!


July 14, 2011

Probably nice place to be


At least makes good feelings to feel


Sometimes is working against us



Some makes everything around 360







March 29, 2011

There is no need for motivation if you don’t need or you not want anything. But in life- such a situation – is one in a million.  Even if it’s better for you not to want anything.

The complex of things like needs, motives, aims and interests will make our behavior and will show the direction and intensity in which we are moving. But sometimes it gets to the point when we need a bigger amount of self motivation for things we are going after.

People say that motivation doesn’t stay for a long time. But we need to practice in it every day, just like for taking a shower. I would say- we need things big and worth enough to wait for them, to fight for them, and never give up, never quit and never stop wondering about them.

At this point in my life, I’m stuck.. and searching for self motivation. And here is one good thought I found which helps. At least for a while and gives a different view.

“It is good to be pleased with things you belong, but never be pleased with what you are.”J. Mackintosh

So.. if I do know what I want, I have set a goal, I’m taking some kind of action, but I still haven’t accomplished the aim, I need to be thankful for the time I have for myself and self development.  Waiting is definitely hard. But I know that I can’t quit so easily. It’s just a beginning.


February 16, 2011

There are bunch of advices how to live your life better, what to do, what not to, suggestions from parents, guidelines from magazines, cool phrases from twitter, myriad of philosophies to agree, beliefs to follow, facts that are true, e.t.c.

There is one writer in Latvian literature who has once said: “Terribly lot’s of facts that are true. It’s easy to get lost, if you don’t have your own. ” (I.Ziedonis)

Hardest point is, when you have made your own truth, and you truly believe in it, but obviously it’s all wrong and you are just lying to yourself.

The main thing is to admit, that you’re on the wrong way. And to decide- either you want to change for life, or not. And from your choice  it’s gonna depend how you will live further!

In the world there are almost non indisputable verities.  But still- there are some, has been and will be. First one- we all born and we also all die.

So- 1. choose, 2. change and!