March 31, 2011
What is so special about smile?

From day of birth everyone knows how to do that
It shows how many teeth you actually have
You are able to do that without any special reason
Even Mona Lisa did that
And our famous ice hockey player does it too : )
It looks good on everyone
It takes a little time, but can stay in memories forever
Even peace starts with a smile
Also it doesn’t cost any money
And You’re more beautiful when you smile
So You can have, share, wear, give and take it anytime you want and as much as you want


March 30, 2011

People say- you are born as original, don’t die like a sham;  you live just once, live like you want it; you are unique, do not try to be like others.

For some people it is easy to know what they exactly want. For some..not so. Question- why that’s so? Why it is so damn hard to be who you are? And to know who you want to be?

It’s good to be born special. Cause then you have different problems to solve! (stupid thought, I know)

Well, this weeks special- be special, unique, original- yourself. And find the ways to be like that- on your own!


March 29, 2011

There is no need for motivation if you don’t need or you not want anything. But in life- such a situation – is one in a million.  Even if it’s better for you not to want anything.

The complex of things like needs, motives, aims and interests will make our behavior and will show the direction and intensity in which we are moving. But sometimes it gets to the point when we need a bigger amount of self motivation for things we are going after.

People say that motivation doesn’t stay for a long time. But we need to practice in it every day, just like for taking a shower. I would say- we need things big and worth enough to wait for them, to fight for them, and never give up, never quit and never stop wondering about them.

At this point in my life, I’m stuck.. and searching for self motivation. And here is one good thought I found which helps. At least for a while and gives a different view.

“It is good to be pleased with things you belong, but never be pleased with what you are.”J. Mackintosh

So.. if I do know what I want, I have set a goal, I’m taking some kind of action, but I still haven’t accomplished the aim, I need to be thankful for the time I have for myself and self development.  Waiting is definitely hard. But I know that I can’t quit so easily. It’s just a beginning.


March 9, 2011

Learn how to use Skype. Learn to use microwave.  Learn to read, to speak etc. It’s all for good, definitely, no doubt.

Is it possible to learn to let people go? Or is it just time who makes everything in balance again?

It is hard- that’s for sure. And when you let someone go, there is a place for someone new. But does anyone asks if I want that? Why isn’t it possible to get all the good stuff without leaving any behind?

Well, I would say there are two ways in my mind at this moment. One is to fight for the wanted and find new ways to work it out and solve the problem. Do whatever it takes to keep on going with the best ( as one good friend say’s- That’s the spirit).  Or just let time to do what it does, to get used to the situation and just remember the things they were used to be.

So basically it’s not about learning to let someone go. It’s about choosing how you will live your life further, how you will deal with the new situation- sad and  frustrated about all, or trying to find the ways for working things out on a whole new level!


March 3, 2011

What is so special about hugs?



They always are  for free

They show that you are someones

They make you feel secure

They show care

They help you trough sadness

They are with you in good times

They make you feel not alone

Hugs make an understanding feeling

With hug you are never alone

Even better

And better

It means that you are special

No matter what- big

Or smaller

Hugs don’t care about origin

Neither religion

But the best thing about hugs



It’s all about friendship

Real friendship

Amazing simple thing


March 2, 2011

Well, probably  this is one of the days when I feel messed up for all 100%.

From outside we can be like “golden pieces”- intelligent, good looking, calm, unshakable, happy, brave, whatever we or the world want to see.

But in inside- it’s like a real mess. Millions of things are standing in a row to be changed, removed or even deleted. But how? Even if there is an answer. It’s so damn hard. And when you have solved one stupid problem in yourself, seems like thousands are waiting to show themselves shouting out and laughing- “Hey! See me? Do you see me? Here I am! Hey! I’m talking to you. Catch me if you can! Solve me if you can! I’m strong.We all are strong.”

All this together is too much for one person. And I don’t even know what would be better- to wish for a night when you forget everything and wake up like a newborn child with chance to start a new life, or just rent a bunch of instruments to fight with for life which is given.

For this moment I think I would be really happy if I could smile about good things, don’t worry about things which can be changed, and over all- if I could think less or at least about things which are worth to think about. And of course if I could take any kind of action. Less talking.