May 26, 2011

What makes me truly alive

Moments when I’m not insensible

That I have dreams

When I fight and get at least some success


Time with my beloved ones

Great meal

Very important people



March 31, 2011
What is so special about smile?

From day of birth everyone knows how to do that
It shows how many teeth you actually have
You are able to do that without any special reason
Even Mona Lisa did that
And our famous ice hockey player does it too : )
It looks good on everyone
It takes a little time, but can stay in memories forever
Even peace starts with a smile
Also it doesn’t cost any money
And You’re more beautiful when you smile
So You can have, share, wear, give and take it anytime you want and as much as you want


March 3, 2011

What is so special about hugs?



They always are  for free

They show that you are someones

They make you feel secure

They show care

They help you trough sadness

They are with you in good times

They make you feel not alone

Hugs make an understanding feeling

With hug you are never alone

Even better

And better

It means that you are special

No matter what- big

Or smaller

Hugs don’t care about origin

Neither religion

But the best thing about hugs



It’s all about friendship

Real friendship

Amazing simple thing