September 8, 2011

Simple rules from movie:

1. you want to lose weight- stop eating, fatty

2. you want to make money- work your ass off, lazy want to be happy- find someone you like and never let him go

Good luck with that!



August 3, 2011

Earth Water Fire Air

Each one is totally different.

Each has its own power which can do something extra good or extra bad. Each can help, provide, destroy, make your breathing stop of beauty it makes, jump around like a kid, cry like a river and so on.

You can’t live without one of them but sometimes life is hard and you can’t get one.

But the best is if you have the royal combination- all four of them!

And with people it is the same. Some are fire, some water. Some air, some earth. Fire loves air, cause it makes it bigger, happier. But fire doesn’t like water very much, cause it makes fire down. But fire (like sun) can look very special on water when it is evening. Air likes water, cause it can make waves. But probably air doesn’t like earth much, cause underground there is nothing to breathe or go. You are stuck. But as I said- you can’t live without even one of them. You can try, but you won’t be complete. Sometimes you need to be stoped by one. Another day- lifted up by other.

If you know who you are..than be as good you can be. Use your power for good. And remember-there is no impossibilities!


July 24, 2011

Music is definitely one of those things that picks you up! Makes you feel like not alone! And makes your mind go around different thoughts!

One song I got from friend is great “Send Me On My Way”. And in combination with ”This is your life”- it picks me up. I don’t deserve it, but still want to share this with you my million visitors : )

This is the song

This is your life



July 14, 2011

Probably nice place to be


At least makes good feelings to feel


Sometimes is working against us



Some makes everything around 360







June 2, 2011

Another lesson learned. Don’t like them at the first moment at all. But at the end I am thankful that I got one. Feeling like a dummy. Do I really know anything about life or how could I don’t know such a simple thing and act like normally people at age 27 do? But from other point of view, would it be so interesting to be my friend if I were so perfect.. (who knows)

Well, the lesson was about offering. Offering things and activities to be done together.

When you have lived like in a box, doing things you want and when you want, makes situation a bit harder, if you have decided to leave the box. And live life tastefully, colorfully, sense-fully.

How do people know what to do? Does it come from feelings? Or is it just a bigger experience from life? Is it possible to be “life smart” if you are mostly on your own? How to get over the feeling, if you have a sense to do things one way, but inside you know it’s the same way you’ve been doing things all your life?

It is not bad to do things on your own. Especially if you live on your own. It’s not so bad to do them alone even when you are with someone. It’s bad when it makes someone feel not welcomed, unwanted, not worth to do things together.

At the end it points out to thing which will be inside for all the times. Selfishness, egoism, ego, self- interest. If it is clear now. Then how to fight it? It’s probably not so bad to do things not alone. Two heads are smarter. Shared sadness or happiness is double smaller or bigger. It’s more fun. You can have someone who takes pictures of you doing something for the first time. Easier to carry heavy things.

Problem is to let someone in, and yourself out. To wait for other to be able to do things together.

Too many things to think about when you are not alone. Too many to remember not doing wrong again. Or just not to think about how to do right, but to do how heart says?

There are rules for living with others, that’s for sure. Just need to be patient and strong through learning and becoming a better person. Not being alone is hard but worth it.


May 26, 2011

What makes me truly alive

Moments when I’m not insensible

That I have dreams

When I fight and get at least some success


Time with my beloved ones

Great meal

Very important people


March 31, 2011
What is so special about smile?

From day of birth everyone knows how to do that
It shows how many teeth you actually have
You are able to do that without any special reason
Even Mona Lisa did that
And our famous ice hockey player does it too : )
It looks good on everyone
It takes a little time, but can stay in memories forever
Even peace starts with a smile
Also it doesn’t cost any money
And You’re more beautiful when you smile
So You can have, share, wear, give and take it anytime you want and as much as you want